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James Brown – Make It Good edit

James Brown Make It Good - Copycat Edit Jay.Soul Retouch

This weekend i downloaded the cool edit by DJ Copycat from Australia of the dope James Brown song “Make it Good To Yourself”. Decided to try and do a quick remix of it by editing some more and adding some hard drums. Here’s the outcome, for your listening and rug cutting pleasure..

James Brown – Make It Good (Copycat Edit – Jay.Soul Retouch)

play loud..


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A Remix of an Edit of a Cover of Planet Rock?

Afrika Bambaataa vs Breakout - Planet Rock (DJ Ayres vs Jay.Soul remix)

OK. This may be a little confusing. Last year i heard the DJ Ayres edit (available on It’s The MF Remix vol. 3) of the “Unplugged” funk version by a group called Breakout of Afrika Bambaataa’s & The Soulsonic Force‘s all-time classic song Planet Rock (which in turn samples heavily from German electro pioneers Kraftwerk‘s track Trans-Europe Express).

Confused yet? Well, I spent Friday afternoon rearranging this DJ Ayres edit version even further and added some percussion, drums and 808 kicks.

So here it is. With an impossibly long title. But dancefloor ready.. Enjoy.
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force vs Breakout – Planet Rock (DJ Ayres vs Jay.Soul Remix)

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O.Boogie ft. Tableek (Jay.Soul Mean Green Remix)

O.Boogie ft Tableek - Jay.Soul Remix

And another exclusive track (well, it was until i just published this post and made it available to every single living, breathing, internet access having human being in this solar system from now til cyberspace eternity).

Anyway. O.Boogie is a cool producer/dj cat from Amsterdam who asked me some time ago to do a promo remix of this track Paperchaser he was gonna release with rapper Tableek from the group Maspyke. So i did. On some old nasty synthy rough drum sounds hip-hop vibe. Play loud.

Download high qual: O.Boogie ft. Tableek – Paperchaser (Jay.Soul Mean Green Remix)

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They Shootin’! Nas – Made U Look

Nas - Made U Look (Jay.Soul Remix) 12" vinyl label

Here’s a free download of my Nas Made You Look remix that was released as a white label 12″ coupla years back. If u want it on vinyl just Google and i think thou shalt find. But for the digital peeps here it is. Enjoy.

Download high qual: Nas – Made U Look (Jay.Soul Remix)

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Aaron Jerome ‘Angel Lady’ retouch

Aaron Jerome - Angel Lady (Mr.Windmill & Jay.Soul Retouch)

Don’t know if you know Aaron Jerome and his beautiful song Angel Lady featuring Andreya Triana, but i loved this track rightaway. The jazzy piano, the mood and Andreya’s voice are just all very, very nice.

I wanted to find a way to use it more easily while dj-ing. So i consulted with the ever funky and helpful Mr.Windmill and together we made the slightly reworked promo-only version below. It’s basically a really slow deep ass jazzy house track now.


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Fooling around with Beyoncé..

Beyonce vs Reflection Eternal

Don’t want upset that other Jay of course, but I messed around with the one called Ms. Knowles.. (whatsup Phife?)

She recently sang to, and danced up quite a sexy sweat for me in Shanghai while I provided some rhythmic motion and soulful stimulation, courtesy of my man DJ Hi-Tek & Reflection Eternal (and can’t forget U-Roy, whose track Tom Drunk was sampled by Hi-Tek).

This is what our get-together sounded like:

Download high qual: Fortified Workout (Jay.Soul Rework)

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