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Get Mr.Windmill & Jay.Soul for free

free download Mr.Windmill & Jay.Soul Shanghaii Lights and Perculationn EP

To celebrate our gig tomorrow at Shanghai’s biggest music event JZ Festival, we’ve decided to make both Mr.Windmill & Jay.Soul EP’s a free download at Bandcamp for a limited time!

Free as in: costing €0,00. A quick conversion learns this roughly translates to a mere $0.00 and also equals around a very affordable 0,00元..

500 downloads max, so get them both while you can: Shanghaii Lights EP & Perculationn EP. Then, as always, play loud and enjoy.


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Video for Summer Dresses..

Mr.Windmill & Jay.Soul – Summer Dresses (Feat. Cecilia Stalín) on Vimeo

Finally made a video for the Mr.Windmill & Jay.Soul song “Summer Dresses” (featuring Cecilia Stalín on vocals). You can also watch it on YouTube & Facebook. For my people in China: 你们可以看在 Youku)

Hope u like. If so, please help spread the word. Sharing = caring..

You can download the song at Bandcamp or in iTunes | Bagpak Music | Beatport | Juno Download | Stompy | SoulSeduction | TraxSource | eMusic | DanceTracks etc.

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Video for Yan’An Xi Lu

Yea. Mr.Windmill & Jay.Soul’s song Yan’An Xi Lu now has a video! It’s also on YouTube and for everyone in China: watch it on Youku!

Shot mostly at night on and around one of Shanghai’s main traffic arteries of the same name (Yan’An West Road aka 延安西路).

Highly professional equipment used: one digital compact photo camera’s video function and my MacBookPro’s built-in webcam. Martin Scorcese, eat my shorts..

This song is off the new Shanghaii Lights EP (BPSS/It Won’t Stop, 2009).


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