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I apologise! (free download)

cover art Jay.Soul - Oh Shuckss (Karaoke @ Fuxing Park Shanghai)

I’m so sorry. My apologies. Shouldn’t have done that. My bad. Really didn’t mean to make you nod your head this hard..

Jay.Soul – Oh Shuckss!

Slight rework of a track i made sometime ago. Sample based funky instrumental hip-hop. Another FREE download for your aural pleasure.. Leave a comment if you like what you hear.




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Video for Yan’An Xi Lu

Yea. Mr.Windmill & Jay.Soul’s song Yan’An Xi Lu now has a video! It’s also on YouTube and for everyone in China: watch it on Youku!

Shot mostly at night on and around one of Shanghai’s main traffic arteries of the same name (Yan’An West Road aka 延安西路).

Highly professional equipment used: one digital compact photo camera’s video function and my MacBookPro’s built-in webcam. Martin Scorcese, eat my shorts..

This song is off the new Shanghaii Lights EP (BPSS/It Won’t Stop, 2009).


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Free Download: Assorted Treats – Vol.1

Jay.Soul - AssortedTreats vol.1 Mix

Finally made some time again to put together a quick mix. Eclectic groove-heavy funkiness across the board. Let me know what u think.

Listen (128kbps) / download (256Kbps):

Track list:
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Scottish Retrofuturistic Beats Madness

hudson mohawke - butter album cover
If u’re up on ur cutting edge music, i’m not telling u anything new. I know!! However, if so far the name Hudson Mohawke or his music hasn’t reached u yet, please allow me to do the honours. This young guy from Glasgow dropped his debut Polyfolk Dance EP last year and just now released a full length album called Butter.

Enough facts.. DUDE IS CRAZY with the beats! C R A – H A Y – Z E E E E!!!
An indescribable (sic) mix of the wildest drums, reverby 80’s synths, stuttering samples and the odd cool ass vocal, all with a funky hip-hop beats overtone. Will induce wide-eyed head shaking (as in WTF?!!), grinning stupidly and manic repeat-button pressing. Be warned. And while he fits in partly with the underground LA experimental aquacrunkwonkyglitchhop whatchamacallit scene (Flying Lotus, Samiyam, Gaslamp Killer etc), Hudson Mohawke sounds more soulful and seems to not mind to also have sh*tloads of downright FUN or want be constricted by any label or uberhip subgenre. I think Dilla would’ve dug..

Hudson Mohawke (Warp Records):
1. Overnight (Polyfolk Dance EP, 2008)
2. Fuse (Butter, 2009)
3. Just Decided feat. Olivier Daysoul (Butter, 2009)

If you like what u hear, please buy his music (iTunes or elsewhere)

ps- shout to my man DJ Alan Shanyinde (Scotsman as well), first exposing me to Hudson’s tunes.

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Blast from the Past: NineFifty – Tears

NineFifty - Mango Juize EP

Just came across an old track from the vaults again and I thought i’d share it here. It’s called “Tears Inside” and is a really soulful, organic and funky tune I produced back in 2001 with singer Dee Ferguson (also: Rice, Krewcial, Heavenly Social, the Proov etc.). Together we formed the relatively successful nu-soul duo NineFifty; nice reviews, label interest, various Top-10 hits at then leading music site MP3.com and various songs have been licensed to films and tv shows.

I think it’s still a pretty strong song and I’m kinda proud we did this so long ago, with VERY basic equipment and without any outside musicians – Dee came up with the main bassline while i played, chopped, sampled and programmed the rest. What do u think? (caaaan youuuu dig iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit?)

NineFifty – Tears Inside:

Download high qual


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Sole Profit ft. Nonameko – FRESH!

Sole Profit ft. Nonameko "Fresh" mp3 promo

Now for some much deserved bloglight on longtime collabo artist Sole Profit, who I’ve been making tracks with since hooking up through mp3.com (remember when that was THE music site?).

This Californian cat – currently living in Atlanta – is seriously one of the nicest mc’s you never heard. Hard hitting punchlines, story telling skills, versatile flows, a sense of humour and the ability to translate a wide variety of ideas and emotions into dope rhymes.

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Global Deep Sounds Vol.1 mix

Global Deep Sounds - vol.1

Man, i’m getting the hang of this blogging! Hehe.. Since I’m sharing some of my music, here’s a mix i did last year that is perfect for the (upcoming) Spring and Summer nights. It starts off really laidback and relaxed and slowly picks up speed and energy. Some Brazilian and latin vibes, soulful electronic music, DEEP house joints and jazzy disco. So much for the label sticking, just play loud and enjoy..

download high qual: Jay.Soul – Global Deep Sounds – vol.1

track list:
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