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Scottish Retrofuturistic Beats Madness

hudson mohawke - butter album cover
If u’re up on ur cutting edge music, i’m not telling u anything new. I know!! However, if so far the name Hudson Mohawke or his music hasn’t reached u yet, please allow me to do the honours. This young guy from Glasgow dropped his debut Polyfolk Dance EP last year and just now released a full length album called Butter.

Enough facts.. DUDE IS CRAZY with the beats! C R A – H A Y – Z E E E E!!!
An indescribable (sic) mix of the wildest drums, reverby 80’s synths, stuttering samples and the odd cool ass vocal, all with a funky hip-hop beats overtone. Will induce wide-eyed head shaking (as in WTF?!!), grinning stupidly and manic repeat-button pressing. Be warned. And while he fits in partly with the underground LA experimental aquacrunkwonkyglitchhop whatchamacallit scene (Flying Lotus, Samiyam, Gaslamp Killer etc), Hudson Mohawke sounds more soulful and seems to not mind to also have sh*tloads of downright FUN or want be constricted by any label or uberhip subgenre. I think Dilla would’ve dug..

Hudson Mohawke (Warp Records):
1. Overnight (Polyfolk Dance EP, 2008)
2. Fuse (Butter, 2009)
3. Just Decided feat. Olivier Daysoul (Butter, 2009)

If you like what u hear, please buy his music (iTunes or elsewhere)

ps- shout to my man DJ Alan Shanyinde (Scotsman as well), first exposing me to Hudson’s tunes.


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