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Random Beautiful Tunes: John Coltrane – Tunji

Little to be said. Almost 50 (!) years after this was recorded, I can still listen to this on repeat. Speaking of timeless… Will try to post videos of music I really love more frequently.

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Two New Jay Electronica Songs

Jay Electronica in concert 2010 at The Box, New York

Hardcore hip-hop fans and dedicated blog hunters already know, but for all you other earth dwellers, here’s 2 new interesting tracks by Jay Electronica to celebrate his signing to Jay-Z’s ROC Nation record label.

Jay Electronica – Shiny Suit Theory (ft. Jay-Z & The Dream)

Jay Electronica – The Announcement (ft. JFK speech)

Btw, also re-discovering his two biggest tracks so far, Exhibit A and Exhibit C, both produced by Just Blaze. DAMN, this man can rhyme. So effortless and intricate at the same time. Don’t even know where to begin quoting him. And that voice. Put-on-repeat kind of music, proving intelligent real hip-hop is still alive in 2010.. Looking forward to that full album.

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Get your Fix At Dilla’s Donut Shop

Album Cover Artwork - J Dilla Donut Shop - Stones Throw

Good news for James Yancey / Jay Dee / Dilla fans – get 6 new dope instrumentals for FREE (in 320Kbps quality) if you sign up for Stones Throw’s mailinglist now.

Donut Shop interestingly enough is a combination of a Serato Scratch control record set (for use with the popular DJ software of the same name that enables you to DJ with your laptop – a development of the last 5 to 10 years that some dj’s spinning real vinyl strongly dislike), slipmats and a record containing these 6 Dilla instrumentals. Worlds colliding or growing closer?

Either way. What you’re waiting for?! GO!!

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Bit quiet in here last month, sorry for that. Summertime in Amsterdam can do that to you. Been working, spending time with friends and family, dj-ing a bit (guesting at Wicked Jazz Sounds was fire! Big up to Phil, Manne, Leroy and crew) and soaking up a lot of live music.

Anyway, for those who have not yet checked out Janelle Monae‘s fantastic album The ArchAndroid, just wanna urge you to do so. Twenty-first century soul music hasn’t sounded this fresh, diverse and addictive in a loooong time. Also if you don’t consider yourself a soul music fan, but just are into good music in general, don’t miss out! From cinematic orchestral pieces, folky dreamy pop songs, punky soul to futuristic afro funk, Janelle lays it down.

Above is one of my favorites (apart from the obvious instant classic Tightrope), featuring the kind of forgotten spoken word artist Saul Williams. Dope, pure and uncut.

Now it’s time i head on over to Amsterdam’s only free hip-hop festival in a park Appelsap – 10 Years featuring my man Rich Medina, Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, La Melodia, The Clipse etc..


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Impressions of Shanghai

Ubiquity China – Shanghai Odyssey on Vimeo

An interesting video / slideshow of photos by photographers’ collective Ubiquity China. Subject matter ranges from Shanghai’s incredible urban construction projects to great street fashion portraits to pics of people sleeping in public places (very common in China) and more.


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Draw Mohammed Day

Any Questions?

Peace. As salaam alaikum. Live and let live. If you have to believe in a higher being, please do so in the spirit of the religion, don’t ever follow blindly, much less turn to violence. One love.

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Music From & For Haiti

Cover Music is Medicine

A bit late, but i want to shine some extra light on a post by producer/dj Chuck Wild (aka Captain Planet) on his music blog Mixtaperiot.

He offers an exclusive mixtape of Haitian music in return for a donation to Partners In Health (a help organization that has been active in Haiti for many years).

Great iniative, clever title and – based on the quality of music he normally posts – dope music. Have a look and see if you would like to support this good cause too.

Music = the answer

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