Funkier Than Most – vol.1 (mix)

Jay.Soul - Funkier Than Most - volume 1 -mp3 artwork

Here’s a little something you might enjoy. A mix i made two years ago, full of those funky & soulful sounds from the 70s.

Posting it now because tonight is FEEL SOUL GOOD at The Shelter, Shanghai (with DJ V-Nutz and myself on the decks). Come out and enjoy the goodnessssssss! If you bring USB stick we’ll hook you up with a cool free mix too.

Jay.Soul – Funkier Than Most – vol. 1

Play loud and enjoy…



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2 responses to “Funkier Than Most – vol.1 (mix)

  1. Briana

    So I had a dream last night that I bought some “soulnjay” at the grocery store, so I looked it up on google and your blog popped up. Awesome when dreams lead to great music lol

    • groovearchitect

      Haha. That’s nice! Gotta be one of the most original ways of ending up on my site! Glad u like. Be sure to check back regularly for more soulnjay 🙂

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