Video for Yan’An Xi Lu

Yea. Mr.Windmill & Jay.Soul’s song Yan’An Xi Lu now has a video! It’s also on YouTube and for everyone in China: watch it on Youku!

Shot mostly at night on and around one of Shanghai’s main traffic arteries of the same name (Yan’An West Road aka 延安西路).

Highly professional equipment used: one digital compact photo camera’s video function and my MacBookPro’s built-in webcam. Martin Scorcese, eat my shorts..

This song is off the new Shanghaii Lights EP (BPSS/It Won’t Stop, 2009).



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4 responses to “Video for Yan’An Xi Lu

  1. Jay!

    Geweldig, zeker hoe die beats ih begin ‘coinciden’ met de flikkeringen van het licht id taxi! It’s just all very mysterious. Wouhaa, I’m a FAN! 🙂

    PS: coole jas

  2. JW


    You have outdone yourself. Die track was al te gek en met de video erbij en die mysterieuze gast in de auto; Daft Punk watch out for the Dutch Punk!

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