Mr.Windmill & Jay.Soul – Shanghaii Lights EP out now!

click here to stream or download the Shanghaii Lights EP

What can I say? Our new 5-song EP “Shanghaii Lights” is out! If you like deep beats and jazzy sounds, thick basslines and heavy grooves, this is for you.

Click on “Download” in player above to get it at our brand spanking new Bandcamp page for $0.99 per track (only €0.68 for my Euro friends) in highest quality mp3, FLAC, AAC etc. Or buy the whole EP for just $4.99 and get an exclusive FREE BONUS track.

Plus, if you buy it at Bandcamp you’re supporting us directly, rather than fattening the pockets of a multi-billion corporation when you buy it from iTunes. The choice is yours 🙂

Or buy it at:
Beatport, iTunes, Bagpak Music, Juno Download, Stompy and SoulSeduction. Even more stores will follow very soon. Enjoy.

Feedback & support so far:
DJ Garth Trinidad (KCRW): “Summer Dresses is my new favorite joint!”
Dusty (Jazz&Milk): “Really good productions, totally diggin the music and jazzy vibe”
Gerd (4Lux): “Summer Dresses is also very beautiful”
Kerem (Dubmission): “Enjoyed the new tunes.. will continue to support”
Azaxx (Tru Thoughts): “Really good stuff ! I like the groove and voice a lot in Summer Dresses”
Aroop Roy (Sounds From Tokyo): “Tunes sounding very good, i liked Hong Zhong Lu, Summer Dresses & PottVerDorie”
Ryo (Boogietech): “Summer Dresses is really nice”
Casbah 73 (HiTop Records): “I played Yan’an Xi Lu out last night and it went down a storm! It got an appreciative roar from the minute it came on, nice one!”
Suonho (Explosivos Radio):”I’m totally in love with (Hong Zhong Lu’s) vintage analog drum!!! i like the funkee lead synth as well! … cool groove and fresh stuff all over. Respect!”
DJ Alan Shanyinde (Shelter Shanghai): “Summer Dresses is amazing”
Angelos (Timewarp/Kraak records): “Ace! Im really impressed by your sound. PottVerDorie and All U Got To Dohoo are bombs!”
Rashida (Prince’s DJ):”Thank u! i took a listen and it’s fantastic!!”



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3 responses to “Mr.Windmill & Jay.Soul – Shanghaii Lights EP out now!

  1. tina

    nice tunes guys! dancing to yanan xilu now. and summer dresses is off the hook!!

  2. Mark B

    What’s good Jay?
    Feeling the new joints
    Keep pushing bruh

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