Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Just finished watching the memorial service. Maybe MJ was more special than I had realized previous to his passing.

Yes, Thriller was the first LP I ever bought and I loved it. I still do. I also liked some of the Jacksons’ songs back then and yes, I rushed home after soccer practice in ’87 to catch the premiere of the Bad video. But after that, his music didn’t really speak to me anymore and my perception of him got increasingly blurred by the drama, the weird incidents, his changing and deteriorating appearance etc. Hell, I usually can’t stand pop music, so why would I care about its King?

However, over the years the Off The Wall album and assorted older tracks found their way into my music collection. And of course I knew how one of a kind and gifted a singer and performer he was. But seeing some documentaries over the last week about especially Michael’s younger years, plus all the testimonies from friends and family have given me a better understanding and appreciation of exactly how uniquely talented and kind-hearted he apparently was.

May he rest in peace. And may we continue to dance to his music for years and years and years to come.

ps – 4 days before MJ passed away, I had the pleasure and honor of briefly meeting and talking to the man that helped Michael write and record his best and most succesful albums: Quincy Jones*. Wow..


*big up to Kyle for making that happen


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3 responses to “Michael

  1. ninedizzy

    Hey J, that’s exactly how I felt!
    Also, very cool pic with Mr. Jones. 🙂

  2. groovearchitect

    dank u, mijnheer MM

  3. jonny

    You need to discover this soul diva and listen to these albums – Produgal Sista, B-Funk & Music City Soul

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