Sole Profit ft. Nonameko – FRESH!

Sole Profit ft. Nonameko "Fresh" mp3 promo

Now for some much deserved bloglight on longtime collabo artist Sole Profit, who I’ve been making tracks with since hooking up through (remember when that was THE music site?).

This Californian cat – currently living in Atlanta – is seriously one of the nicest mc’s you never heard. Hard hitting punchlines, story telling skills, versatile flows, a sense of humour and the ability to translate a wide variety of ideas and emotions into dope rhymes.

Sole Profit first created a buzz in Fresno, Ca. after putting out his debut album Soul Searching. In 2005 his big break seemed to have arrived when he won the national Hip-Hop Supastar competition, hosted by Xzibit. This got him signed to Sony/BMG plus a pimped out ride by – yup those guys – West Coast Customs. However due to label politics (industry rule #4080..) the deal turned sour and he went independent again, releasing a 2nd album with fellow Cali mc The Relic as The K.E.Y. in 2007 (Children Of the Corn – 3 tracks prod by yours truly).

The unreleased song FRESH below features the soulful vocal stylings of Sole Profit’s wife Nonameko, who has also recorded with people like Supernatural, Arrested Development, Supastition and Nicolay.

Enough talk. Time to face the music.

And to give u an idea of dude’s versatility, here’s some more Sole Profit:

Miss F.E.D.E.R.A.L. (Prod. Jay.Soul) [Children Of The Corn, 2007]
Where I’m From (Prod. Jay.Soul) [Children Of The Corn, 2007]
Fire (Prod. Phenixx) [Children Of The Corn, 2007]
R U Ready (Jay.Soul Remix) [Jay.Soul Remixes vol.1, 2005]
Jazzy Jane (prod. Jay.Soul) [unreleased, 2005]



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2 responses to “Sole Profit ft. Nonameko – FRESH!

  1. Mister Jay,
    Klinkt goed knul. Niet alleen de beats maar die dude klikt beetje als Lupe Fiasco met nog wat rauwers erbij…
    Tot ltrs en grt aan Ali

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