Inside Nicolay’s studio: It’s not the what, it’s the how

J Dilla - Donuts cover

Whatsup? Here’s the first music equipment related post on my blog. Non-gear loving folks, please keep walking – there’s nothing to see here.. (Just walk up or down one post to where the free downloads are..)

For those that are interested in getting an inside look into well-known producers’ studios – what gear do they use, what software, how do they approach building a song, mixing techniques etc. etc. – check out Dutch soulful hip-hop producer Nicolay’s new blog series. In Part 1 he explains – to my suprise – that one of his main tools is a pretty old fashioned, free piece of step sequencing software called ModPlug. The backbone for most his tracks is made in it. Wow.

Goes to show, when it comes to making music it matters much less what tools you use than how you use them and what kind of ideas you put in, on or through them. Just listen to again Donuts and remember Jay Dee (yes, i know it’s J Dilla, but i still like to call him this. Sue me. RIP, you genius beatsmith) made that in his hospital bed!!

So, stop worrying about more expensive gear and spend more time being creative and inventive with what u have. It’s all about the music.


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