Sun is out.. Summer Dresses!

Summer Dresses MP3 Promo

The sun has been (sort of) out in Shanghai the last couple of days. This calls for some laidback tunes to fit that mood.

Download high qual: Mr.Windmill & Jay.Soul ft. Cecilia Stalín “Summer Dresses”

First up this is an unreleased song that many people have already responded to really well. Honestly, I think it deserves a proper release soon, so please get at me if you’re with a label and interested to play a part in that. The instrumental version of this track was previously released as Peterr Boeve on The Perculationn EP (BPSS/It Won’t Stop, 2007 – available at iTunes, Dancetracks, Bagpak, eMusic, Beatport etc.).

But then talented Swedish singer Cecilia Stalin (who just released her fantastic Afro Blue EP featuring John Coltrane adaptations produced by Daz-I-Kue, Soul Parlor a.o) wrote lyrics and melody to it and now it’s dubbed Summer Dresses. Somewhere between soul, jazz and dusty detroit house? If u have a better description, let us know!


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